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Growing Your Business Shouldn't Be
So Complicated and Confusing

But, when you don't have a clear plan you can waste a lot of time (and money)...

  • You can't prioritize your tasks because you don't know what to focus on next
  • You don't have the time to learn new skills, or the money to hire the help
  • You need guidance, but nobody is around to support you
  • Technology seems overwhelming and you don't know where to start
  • You know you need to do more marketing, but you don't have any idea what to say
  • You want to use social media, but are overwhelmed by all of the technology 

Every BizFlint course, workshop and support session is designed to help you learn exactly
what you need to grow your business from small to big in the most effective way possible.  

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Hey, there!  Are you trying to start or grow a business but feel overwhelmed and confused about the process and what to do next? I'm Diane, an entrepreneur, business strategist, and creator of BizFlint.  As your guide, I'll help simplify business as we walk through the most important topics. No matter where you are today, we'll get you on a clear path to success so you can start making progress in your business. 

Featured Product:  STEP ONE

Kickstart Success with the "Define Your Business" Course

The hardest part of any business is finding customers.  How do you stand out from the competition amidst a sea of options?  Without the right plan, you won't.  Get started on a clear path to success with our "DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS" COURSE, the first and most important step to start growing your business. 

The BIZFLINT MARKETING SYSTEM, is a 5 Step program designed to give you everything you need to market and grow your product or service based business online.   

Our programs will guide you through four key areas to help you take the next step.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next?  Our on-demand classes and workshops deliver the right information on your schedule and at your own pace. Choose which of these core areas you need the most help with: 

  • Confidence and motivation to reach your goals
  • Tips and tools to get more done, in less time
  • How to market your business to get more customers
  • Technology guidance for getting your business online 

Join a tribe of encouraging & supportive business owners just like you.

Building a business can seem like a lonely job. As entrepreneurs, we're in a league of our own. Inside the BizFlint community, you get to connect with other business owners across all walks of life. Share experiences, give advice, and brainstorm solutions to help keep you moving forward.   

Diane is the coach you need to get out of your comfort zone & grow with confidence. 

Whether you're just starting a business, or you've been doing this for years, BizFlint helps you learn the strategies and skills you need to take your business further. 

  • Short, no-fluff courses available on-demand
  • BizFlint Academy - a six month subscription 
  • Practical workshops to get "tech" done
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Monday motivation emails 
  • Ongoing texts with supportive advice

I have worked closely with Diane for several years on the development and facilitation of numerous business programs. She clearly understands how entrepreneurship can empower an individual to do great things. Her unique skill set, coupled with her own experiences as an entrepreneur, allows her to fill numerous roles as well as connect with a broad audience. Diane's passion, work ethic, determination, and sheer grit has been nothing short of inspirational.

Duane A.  NC Small Business Center Associate Director

Diane has a way of consulting that is not only friendly and professional but she can discover exactly the areas of my company that need addressing and give excellent creative solutions with a tremendous value. I would recommend Diane wholeheartedly in many areas. Her expertise in marketing, consulting, writing / editing and more are definitely helpful in expanding my company. I'm thankful to have Diane as a part of my business consulting team.

Lynette E. Founder, The Cardiac Bear and Healing Heart Pillow

Your Plan for Growing a Business from Small to Big

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Use Simple Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

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Want to Learn How to Grow Your Small Business with Social Media and Get More Customers?

BizFlint Helps Take the Mystery Out of Marketing Your Business

At BizFlint, we know that you want to be the owner of a successful business. In order to do that, you need to be able to communicate more effectively with customers.  The problem is, you don't have a clear message with an efficient plan to get their attention and draw them in, which makes you feel like you're spinning your wheels, never able to get ahead. We believe every business owner should have the marketing skills they need to grow their business.  We know that there aren't enough hours in the day to sift through all of the marketing advice online, and create all of the content you need.  That's why we developed a "no-nonsense", simplified system, utilizing the best information available for marketing and growing your business. Start by learning the simple, five-step framework for marketing and branding your business.  Here are some of the marketing tools you'll have by the end of the series (which will make your life so much easier):

  • A customer attracting one-liner to use in your marketing and networking.
  • Your business purpose, mission, unique position, and key branding adjectives.
  • A brand board with inspiration photos, fonts, colors and your logo. 
  • A customer profile for each of your primary customer types.
  • A system for creating monthly content in a batch to use on social media.
  • Ideas for several nurturing emails, with details on setting up an automated campaign.
  • Instructions on how to set up and optimize your business website homepage to attract customers.
  • Ideas for your first sales email sequence.
  • How to create a lead generator that provides value.