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How to Start a Small Business
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Learn How to Start a Small Business with BizFlint Business Training

Wondering how to start a business?  Whether a product or service business, we can help you stop spinning your wheels and start gaining traction with our step-by-step training programs for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

how to have a business mindset

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial mindset for success

how to implement business strategy

sMART business tools to increase productivity

how to talk to your customers

brand's marketing mESSAGE WITH CONFIDENCE

how to automate a sales funnel

USE sales funnels and social media TO ATTRACT your ideal CUSTOMERS

Learning How to Start a Business Shouldn't Be
So Complicated and Confusing

But, when you don't have a clear plan you can waste a lot of time (and money)...

  • You can't prioritize your tasks because you don't know what to focus on next
  • You don't have the time to learn new skills, or the money to hire the help
  • You need guidance, but nobody is around to teach you about business or support you
  • Technology seems overwhelming and you don't know where to start
  • You know you need to do more marketing, but you don't have any idea what to say
  • You want to use social media, but are overwhelmed by getting it all done 

Every BizFlint course, workshop and support session is designed to help you learn exactly what you need to grow your business from small to big in the most effective way possible.  

We'll Help You Start and Grow Your Business to the Next Level

online business courses

Online Training

Get access to on-demand courses and business training videos designed to help you at your stage of business. Even if you're starting a business from home.

online business community

A Supportive Community

BizFlint Nation is the place to connect with entrepreneurs from all kinds of businesses.  Share business tips, motivation, and encouragement.  

small business coach

Coaching from Diane

Take the guesswork out of starting and growing your business through monthly coaching sessions, weekly emails, and text messages. 

Diane Hendrickson is founder and CEO of BizFlint Business Courses & Training


Hey, there!  Are you trying to figure out how to start a business that works for you, but feel overwhelmed and confused about the process and what to do next? I'm Diane, an entrepreneur, business strategist, and creator of BizFlint.  As your guide, I'll help simplify business as we walk through the most important topics. No matter where you are today, we'll get you on a clear path to success so you can start making progress in your business. 

Featured Product:  STEP ONE

Kickstart Success with the "Define Your Business" Course

The hardest part of any business is finding customers.  How do you stand out from the competition amidst a sea of options?  Without the right plan, you won't.  Get started on a clear path to success with our "DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS" COURSE, the first and most important step to start growing your business. 

The BIZFLINT MARKETING SYSTEM, is a 5 Step program designed to give you everything you need to market and grow your product or service based business online.   

Learn How to Start a Small Business Course
Online Business Coaching Strategies

Our programs will guide you through four key areas to help you take the next step.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next?  Our on-demand business classes and workshops deliver the right information on your schedule and at your own pace. Choose which of these core areas you need the most help with: 

  • Confidence and motivation to reach your goals
  • Tips and tools to get more done, in less time
  • How to market your business to get more customers
  • Technology guidance for getting your business online 
Online Business Community Support to Build a Small Business

Join a tribe of encouraging & supportive business owners just like you.

Building a business can seem like a lonely job. As entrepreneurs, we're in a league of our own. Inside the BizFlint community, you get to connect with other business owners across all walks of life. Share experiences, give advice, and brainstorm solutions to help keep you moving forward.   

Learn How to Grow Your Business Faster

Diane is the coach you need to get out of your comfort zone & grow with confidence. 

Whether you're just starting a business, or you've been doing this for years, BizFlint helps you learn the strategies and skills you need to take your business further. 

  • Short, no-fluff courses available on-demand
  • BizFlint Nation - an online community for small biz
  • Practical workshops to get "tech" done
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Monday motivation emails 
  • Ongoing texts with supportive advice

I have worked closely with Diane for several years on the development and facilitation of numerous business programs. She clearly understands how entrepreneurship can empower an individual to do great things. Her unique skill set, coupled with her own experience as an entrepreneur, allows her to fill numerous roles as well as connect with a broad audience. Diane's passion, work ethic, determination, and sheer grit has been nothing short of inspirational.

Duane A.  NC Small Business Center Associate Director

Diane has a way of consulting that is not only friendly and professional but she can discover exactly the areas of my company that need addressing and give excellent creative solutions with a tremendous value. I would recommend Diane wholeheartedly in many areas. Her expertise in marketing, consulting, writing / editing and more are definitely helpful in expanding my company. I'm thankful to have Diane as a part of my business consulting team.

Lynette E. Founder, The Cardiac Bear and Healing Heart Pillow

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The pathway to business success is not rocket science.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but it can be for anyone who is willing to learn the steps, and work them.

Diane Hendrickson 

Want to know how to start a business that is profitable and runs itself?

Learn How to Start a Business at BizFlint.com

So, you've decided to take the entrepreneurial leap, but what now? At BizFlint, we know that figuring out how to start a business, even a small one, can be a challenge. Perhaps you've seen the statistics? Only 50% of new businesses survive past the first year.  That means you need to get up and running quickly, and you need to work smarter, not harder.  Sure, if money were no problem, you could hire someone to personally guide you every step of the way.  But, how do you start a business with no money (or very little)? That's why we're here.  We believe every business owner should have easy access to business coaching and the business resources they need to start a small business and grow.  But, you don't just need any business. You need a business that is profitable, and that practically runs itself, which requires strategy and sound advice. That's why we're here.  Rather than trying to piece together everything you need, we decided to put it all in one place. We offer free business resources, affordable online business courses, and small business training with the best information available for starting, growing and marketing your business. Get unstuck today by taking our free "Overcoming Fear in Business" quiz to figure out what's holding you back, or sign up for a business course or small business workshop. Our programs are like having an affordable business coach you can access from home (or anywhere).

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