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Each day in the US, thousands of small businesses are started. Why do 50% of them fail to make it past their first year? Well, it seems they feel they're missing something.  Among the top reasons they mention are a lack of money, interest from the market, and personal business knowledge. We're on a mission to change that.  

We help aspiring new entrepreneurs (just like you) get the guidance and support they need through our close-knit community, proven business training, and high value programs. With the deck stacked in your favor, you can make it through the crucial early stages (when the learning curve is so steep) and go on to build the profitable business and life you've been dreaming about.  

You can be a happy and successful business owner.  The only question is: are you ready?  

We have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds, through our close-knit community, proven business training, and high value programs. 

We strongly value entrepreneurship and believe business ownership has the ability to transform lives, families and generations - which is why we are committed to sharing the mindset and tools for success with those who have the desire to learn them. 

Online Business Coach Diane Hendrickson

founder & CEO

Diane Hendrickson

Diane is the founder and CEO of BizFlint. Known as the "Small Business Whisperer", she is passionate about empowering others to pursue financial freedom through building a profitable business and life they love. 

Diane is an online business coach and strategist with a background in marketing. As a three time business owner, she has over 25 years of experience in both the brick-and-mortar and online business worlds. 

As Program Developer for Entrepreneurial Outreach at a local college, Diane worked with students of all ages to equip them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. It was there she discovered a distinct gap between what is being taught about business in the traditional academic setting and what real world entrepreneurs actually need to succeed in their own businesses, so she set out to develop a series of high value programs.  These programs will help you learn how to get more of the right things done, in less time, with the right guidance.  You'll learn how to work SMARTER, not HARDER, so you can start making money from a business you love. 

Take action.  Let us show you how to build the profitable business you've
been dreaming about.  It's possible.

Do you feel STUCK or OVERWHELMED about growing your business?  
Let's discover why, and what you can do about it.

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